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Avista employees and contractors commended for overhead to underground power line work for the Priest River Experimental Forest
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Avista recently converted two miles of overhead electric lines to underground service for the Priest River Experimental Forest.

Located about 13 miles Northeast of Priest River, the Priest River Experimental Forest, established in 1911, is one of the first and few experimental forests in the nation. This month, it is celebrating its 100-year anniversary. Avista’s professional and efficient work to convert lines to underground has helped improve service reliability and a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

For 100 years, scientists and forestry service personnel at the Priest River Experimental Forest have conducted research ranging from timber management to fire research. Research done at Priest River Experimental Forest continues to benefit forests throughout the world.

Below is a letter of thanks, sent to Director of Operations – West Al Fisher from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Robert Denner, supervisory forester of the Priest River Experimental Forest and Dr. Russel Graham, scientist-in-charge of the Rocky Mountain Research Station.

The work mentioned in the letter was thanks to several Avista employees who work in the area. The letter reads:

Dear Mr. Fisher:

I want to take this opportunity to thank Avista for the recently completed project at the Priest River Experimental Forest. This project converted the overhead lines providing power to residences, office, shop, and conference building to underground.

The end result vastly improves the visual quality of the site, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. But more importantly, will eliminate outages caused by falling trees, reduce your maintenance costs, and the inconvenience to our resident and guests during outages. I should also mention that the Forest is about to enter its 100th anniversary, so the timing of the work could not have been better.

I was particularly impressed by the professional manner in which the work was done. The plowing contractor, your own crew, and the local representative, Chad Summers, went about their work in a courteous and efficient manner. We did have some tense moments when avoiding buried telephone lines, water mains, sewer lines, and foundation drains; however, nothing was damaged and there were no interruptions to our infrastructure. No doubt the competency of your employees had everything to do with that. I should also mention that the final clean-up was beyond my expectations and for that I am grateful.

Again, thank you for making this happen. And congratulations for having an outstanding bunch of guys working for Avista.

-Robert Denner, U.S. Department of Agriculture, supervisory forester of the Priest River Experimental Forest and Dr. Russel Graham, scientist-in-charge of the Rocky Mountain Research Station.

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