My CFL picture is lame. Send me an awesome picture of your CFLs!   


My lame CFL picture. Click to enlarge.
This is my lame CFL picture. I bet you can do better! Send your
photos to, or on Twitter use the
hashtag #AvistaCFLs and include the
@Avistautilities user name.
Post by Dan Kolbet
I was just hand-delivered (at my desk) a box of the Avista CFL bulbs. Thousands of these kits are being delivered to Washington customers right now. Avista customers, if you’re in the Evergreen State, you should soon be receiving your CFL kit too. In fact I’ve noticed several folks on Twitter commenting on the kits and I want to see photos!

Here’s what you need to know: The kit contains Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL), a cover letter, educational brochure and turn-it-off stickers. All customers will receive their kits by November 15, 2011. According to my co-worker Chris Drake who is Avista’s Lead Demand Side Management Program Manager, the kits are “a simple and convenient way to help customers lighten their energy load, while helping Avista meet our energy efficiency targets too. Learn more about the kits from our June blog post here.

We’ve also got a webpage at about the kits. Check it out. 

Send us your creative photos!
If you get your kit, I’d love to see how they look in your mailbox – but more importantly – installed in your light fixtures. Send me your groovy pics of CFLs in use and I’ll post them on the blog. Extra bonus points if you can get your smiling face in the pictures too. Be creative and I’ll make you semi-famous on the blog.

Send your photos to, or on Twitter use the hashtag #AvistaCFLs and include the @Avistautilities user name.

Let’s see who can be the most creative. Photographers unite!

*Rules (yes, rules): You own your pictures (and CFLs), not us. By sending them our way, you’ve granted Avista permission to use them on this blog with no compensation. There is no reward for taking the picture other than being awesome. We reserve the right to not publish your photos on the blog for any reason. Avista customers only please. Be safe when taking the pictures. E-mail with questions
Posted by  System Account  on  7/28/2011
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