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Avista Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Jaremko Nissan let us show this 2011 Nissan
Leaf to our employees.

Avista’s commitment to the environment is ingrained in our company’s culture. By protecting natural resources and being innovators in conservation and energy efficiency, we walk the talk of environmental stewardship. We do this year-round, but on Earth Day, Avista employees take a little extra time to reflect on our commitment to being wise stewards of the environment. Today marks the 41st anniversary of Earth Day – a day to appreciate and raise awareness about the Earth’s environment.

Last year in conjunction with our other Earth Day activities, Avista installed three electric vehicle charging stations for use in Spokane – one at Avista’s Mission Street campus, one at the Steam Plant in downtown Spokane, and one at Spokane’s City Hall. Yesterday, the City of Spokane announced that Avista and the city have partnered to upgrade the electric vehicle charging station at City Hall to a “Level 2” station that can charge electric and electric-hybrid vehicles more quickly. 
Avista has also upgraded our campus charging station, and we will soon upgrade the station at the Steam Plant. At 240 volts and 30 amps, the Level 2 station can completely charge a new Nissan Leaf in about four hours, just half the time of the earlier 110-volt, Level 1 station, which is equivalent to a typical household outlet. Today, we showed Avista employees how the new Nissan Leaf can be charged at the upgraded stations.

Consumers are increasingly looking for alternative modes of transportation to offset fuel costs, lessen our country’s dependence on oil, and reduce their carbon footprint. Electric-gas hybrid and all-electric vehicles are now available, and use is becoming more widespread. Attractive tax incentives and lower prices make converting to alternative transportation more affordable to the average consumer.

Pluggin in the 2011 Nissan Leaf
The Level 2 charging station
will charge an electric in
half the time as a Level 1
charging station.
Avista will continue to monitor the adoption of electric transportation to ensure we can keep providing the reliable energy that our customers have enjoyed for the past 120 years, while exploring new ways to incorporate renewable energy and keeping costs as low as possible.

Our website has tools and information for customers who are considering purchasing an electric vehicle, including installing a home charging system and the impact charging could have on their bill. Electric vehicle charging stations may one day be as common as corner gas stations are today, and we’re planning to be prepared for that.



Posted by  System Account  on  4/22/2011
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