President’s Leadership Award for Safety    

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Award presentation
Larry Garbarino, center received the Presidents Leadership
Award for Safety, with him, from left to right are Al Fisher, Don
Kopczynski, Dennis Vermillion and Tim Carlberg.
At a utility, working safely is an essential part of everyday life. Whether 40 feet in the air repairing 15,000 kV lines, in a ditch laying two-inch natural gas lines or driving down the street to meet a customer – everything we do, we must do with safety in mind.

So, when an employee goes above and beyond routine safety practices, we celebrate his or her dedication. Each year, one outstanding employee is honored with the President’s Leadership Award for Safety. This year, the award was presented to Larry Garbarino, a foreman in the generation and production mechanical shop and one of the lead mechanical foremen on the Noxon Rapids hydroelectric plant upgrade.

Play Noxon video
Watch a video on how Avista is upgrading its
Noxon Rapids Dam on the Clark Fork River.
In making the award at Avista’s annual safety conference, Dennis Vermillion, president of Avista Utilities, said, “Larry and his crew have worked safely alongside the Noxon plant operators, the generation and production electrical, communication and relay technical/engineering crews, other Avista crews and up to 10 different outside contractors. Team work, and in many cases creativity, have been required to work through the many challenges that come up in a job of this magnitude. And, it was completed without any injuries. The one constant has been the safety leadership and influence of Larry Garbarino.”

The nomination submitted for Larry reads in part “Larry’s leadership, attention to detail and constant safety vigilance have resulted in a remarkable safety record. Handling loads anywhere from a couple of hundred pounds up to 325 tons, any shape and size imaginable, is dangerous work. Larry’s confidence in his people, willingness to listen to suggestions and great leadership skills have made a difference. Larry leads by example and doesn’t compromise the safety of himself or others to get a job done. Larry has the respect and trust of those around him; he’s a great teacher, mentor and friend to us all.”

The President’s Leadership Award for Safety was first presented in 2009 as a means to recognize an employee who makes a special effort to enhance safety and who demonstrates leadership by modeling safety with his or her actions. Previous recipients are Dale Sisson, head groundsman on the Spokane dock and Brad Arnzen, line foreman on the Grangeville dock.

When you think about it, everyone can take a lesson from Larry and the other award winners. Each of us can have an impact on safety with every action you choose to take during every day – whether at work, at home or at play.
Take a look at our "Your Safety" section of this website.
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