How to bedazzle your house for 99 cents   

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Avista is decked out for the holidays - virtually
Avista's HQ building on Mission decorated for 99 cents.
Post by Dan Kolbet

I didn’t get the Christmas lights up this year. Typical excuses. We were out of town. It snowed too much during the weekend I could have done it. No hot chocolate to warm me up afterward. Whatever. Anyhow, it just didn’t get done. But I got an e-mail this morning that I thought was worth passing along if you were like me and went sans holiday lights this year, but still want to show your holiday spirit.

For 99 cents you can download an app for your iPhone called Musical Lights that allows you to make nifty light and music shows over a picture of whatever you chose. Shown here is an image I took years ago of Avista’s HQ on Mission in Spokane. Five minutes of tinkering and I came up with this jolly little scene. To share the music scene your friends also have to own the app, but you could always just hand over your phone and say, “watch this.” (Now that’s old school).

For those who are a little more creative, forget the app and just drop an image into PhotoShop and create the holiday display of your dreams. Stick it on Facebook and nobody will know the difference unless of course they roll by your house later that day . . . but that’s not very likely.

If you’re really a forward-thinking person (and maybe a bit of a penny pincher) you also might want to make a trip to your local hardware store and pick up some LED holiday lights for cheap. My wife dragged me to Target yesterday and they still had hundreds of boxes of LED lights for 50% off for after Christmas sales. Prices for LED lights have fallen for each of the last few years, but I still think half-off is a good deal. So stock up for next year or throw those lights on the gutters and ring in 2011 in style.

Earlier this month we did a blog post on how much holiday lights could cost you for a month of use. If you’re interested, check out: Keep up the holiday cheer with efficient lighting, decorations.

Just a few ideas to brighten your holidays.
Posted by  System Account  on  12/27/2010
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