Sep 10 , 2010
Post by Dan Kolbet
We’ve heard from a few customers today who had questions about natural gas after seeing news about a natural gas incident in San Bruno, Calif., last night and this morning. While we certainly can’t speak to the specific event that occurred in California, this attention to natural gas gives us the opportunity to remind customers about safety and what to do if you smell natural gas in your home or business.

If you smell (or hear) gas, take these precautions:

-Don’t smoke, light matches, turn your electrical switches on or off, use the telephone or do anything else that might create a spark.
-Open your windows and outside doors, if possible.
-Evacuate everyone in your home or building, and stay out until someone from Avista Utilities tells you it is safe to return.
-Keep others away from the area.
-Call 911, and then Avista Utilities at (800) 227-9187, from a neighbor’s phone.

Safety is a top priority for us, so the first thing our phone system asks you when you call is if you are calling about a natural gas leak. Those calls are given priority and go to the front of the line. That’s how important your call is to us.
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Sep 01 , 2010
Today is a great day. Our interactive online feature, Energy on the Street is now live and ready for your questions. This summer I attended several community events and went to public places and talked to many Avista customers about energy. The ultimate goal was to gather their questions – the things they cared about most. I then took those questions and got answers to the most pressing topics from my co-workers, who happen to be experts in the fields discussed.

The web launch today at is really just the beginning of this project. Currently posted are six videos, which span an array of topics. We’ll post additional videos every few weeks through the fall. So hopefully you’ll check back often.

I’ve been writing about this project for a few months now on the blog and on Twitter. We announced where we’d be filming and even posted pictures of customers and employees talking with us. You can read every blog post here. I think this really speaks to the transparency of the project. We truly want our customers to know what we’re up to and to participate.

We want your questions
We’re ready to answer your additional questions and I know from participating in online forums – and even talking to family and friends at BBQs this summer – that more questions are out there. If you have a question that you’d like Avista to answer on camera, send it to me in an e-mail at and we’ll make it happen.
Visit Energy on the Street

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