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You may have noticed that the blog looks a little funky lately. Me too. Earlier this month, we underwent a “widening” of the website. It allowed us to gain more real estate/space horizontally on pages so we can provide more content for you, without the need to scroll as much. A great example is our homepage. Since this is a bit new, we’ll soon be finding ways to use that new space and I hope you all will like it.
Unfortunately the blog is a bit of a straggler. So, you’ll notice a rather large white band to the right of this post (using some web browsers like Internet Explorer). It won’t be there forever, but for now, just think of it as having the potential to be great, and wide.
(UPDATE May 20, 2010: The blog has now been sized to match the rest of the website. We're still tinkering with photos, but you'll notice the text and photos now fill more of the page. Yes!)

Update your browser pop-up message image
Depending on your web browser, you may have also gotten a pop-up message recently on the website that looks like the one on the right. It says that your web browser may be in need of an update and provides links to four popular browsers. Not to worry, you can still access the site with an older browser, but there might be a few features that look a little funny. To get rid of the message, just click the red “X” and it will magically disappear.

These changes are all a part of our commitment to provide you with the best web experience possible. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know:
Posted by  System Account  on  5/12/2010
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