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Post by Debbie Simock

If you’re thinking about upgrading the appliances in your home, now is a perfect time to start shopping.

Washington and Idaho are offering new state-wide rebate programs for certain Energy Star appliances. You can also receive an Avista appliance rebate, which we’ve been offering for years, for qualifying Energy Star appliances. Plus if you buy an Energy Star refrigerator, we’ll pay you an additional $30 and pick up your old unit for recycling.

What’s the deal with all the rebates for appliances? It’s simple – old appliances use more electricity and water than new energy efficient models, and that can have an impact on your wallet and on the environment. Washington State expects its program will save residents about $1 million in energy costs, save 355 million gallons of water and prevent over 8,000 tons of CO2.

Energy Star
It may seem odd that Avista pays customers to use less energy, but it really makes sense for customers and for the company. Helping customers use less energy helps reduce the amount of new electricity we have to generate or purchase and that helps manage everyone’s costs. As we say, energy efficiency is the least-cost new resource.

Information on Avista’s energy efficiency rebate programs and forms are available at, but there’s one catch for the state rebates – they last only as long as the money lasts. Check out the Washington Cash for Appliances program ( for a running total of the remaining available funds and for program details. Find more information on Idaho’s Appliance Rebate Program here.

Happy shopping….and saving.
Posted by  System Account  on  4/16/2010
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