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We’ve been engaging with customers online for some time now and over the last few weeks, I’ve spent a bit of time commenting on the discussion forums of our local news media. I’ve tried to correct misconceptions about our activities and direct people to places online where they can find more information about the subjects they are passionate about.

These customer outreach efforts drew the attention of The Spokesman-Review recently, because frankly, there aren’t many companies doing what we’re doing online. Yesterday reporter John Stucke’s question and answer with me ran and I was honored to participate and talk about our efforts online. Read the article, "Avista social media man talks his trade."

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that it’s the centerpiece of our social media efforts. We write posts, do videos and podcasts for the blog, while promoting that work on twitter and discussion forums. We’re also participating in chats and other activities that allow you to talk with us about what’s on your mind. We even did a video earlier this year that discussed our social media focus.

When stories about Avista run in the news or people write about us in any format, we pay attention (just like any other company). I read what people say and what sparks their interest. Oftentimes the comments following these stories contain common misconceptions about how we do things, and that’s when I step in to offer some additional thoughts. Most people are simply offering their opinion and there’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t aim to change anyone’s mind, just offer additional resources so people can decide for themselves. 

It’s certainly an interesting time to be online talking with people about the utility business – yes, even those who disagree with what we say or do. I’ll continue to talk to people online in reaction to comments and e-mails, but if you’d like us to spend some time talking about a particular subject on the blog, e-mail me at
Posted by  System Account  on  3/30/2010
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