Avista files rate cases in Wash. and Idaho   

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Utility pole circa 1937
Utility pole from 1937.
Does this look like a tree
or what?
Transformer circa 1958
A transformer in use
since 1958.
Post by Dan Kolbet
So, today we filed the electric and natural gas rate cases in Washington and Idaho that we’ve been talking about for the last few months. This kicks off up to 7 months of discussion of these rate case filings in Idaho and 11 months in Washington. We file the requests with each state commission, but they ultimately set the rates you pay after a public, transparent process that you can get involved in.

No one around here is happy that we’re filing for a rate increase. We see everyday how the rising cost of energy impacts families in the communities we serve. It’s no small consideration in nearly every meeting I’ve had with my co-workers and our leadership on this subject. It’s one of the reasons we offer many programs to help customers with energy assistance.  But the fact remains, that these requests are necessary to continue to provide you with the safe, reliable energy you depend on.

The demand for electricity is continuing to increase and that places a greater demand on our electric system. So each year we have to look at what our system needs to keep your lights on and comply with regulatory mandates. We refer to the work we need to do as upgrading our infrastructure – which isn’t the catchiest term - but probably the most accurate.

We have poles and transformers in our system that are 60 to 70 years old. Imagine what those transformers were used for in 1940 or 1950. Now think of how we use electricity today. Nearly everything in your house is wired.

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Infrastructure upgrades are just one example of what we’re doing with the additional funds we’re requesting in these rate cases. We produced a video, titled “Our Infrastructure: Providing Safe, Reliable Energy” that reviews this subject. It’s around two minutes long and worth a look if you want to know where the money goes.

I know that filing rate cases will generate questions and we’re here to answer them. You can drop us a note in the comments section of this post or e-mail us at conversation@avistautilities.com.

More info
Click here to learn more about our recently filed rate cases.
Posted by  System Account  on  3/23/2010
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