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Post by Dan Kolbet

Over the last few weeks, as I received e-mails from customers and observed my co-workers planning for our bill assistance informational campaign, a few things become clearer for me.

First, more people than ever need a little extra help with their bills. Now, this might seem a bit obvious given recent economic conditions, but it seems the trend is help for people who have never needed to ask before. Life sometimes throws you a curveball – it just happens. Second, asking about what options are available for you so you can pay your bills and live comfortably is tough for some people to do and that’s understandable.

Given these trends, it’s nice to know that we’re offering help right now - hopefully before you really need it. Don’t get me wrong, we certainly need you to pay for the energy you use, but we also know we’re not the only bill you get each month and we want to help when we can.

So, what’s available?

Payment arrangements:
You may qualify for special payment arrangements that fit your needs.

Comfort Level Billing:
Winter bills are typically high, summer bills are lower. Comfort Level Billing lets you make the same payment every month to smooth out the volatility. I have this service and love the consistency, plus there’s no interest charge on your balance.

Preferred Due Date:
Maybe you get paid every other Friday, but your spouse gets paid only once a month, when is the best time for you to pay your bill? Tell us and we’ll move your payment date. Of course this will depend on your account status and situation, but call to talk with us.

Energy Assistance Grants, Such as Project Share:
Limited or low-income customers may qualify for assistance through local community agencies.

Senior Assistance:
Many options are available for those age 60 and over.

It’s all about what fits for you. Please call our customer service folks or login to your My Account and look at your options before you get into a pinch.
Posted by  System Account  on  1/14/2010
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