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Report an outage
We’ve recently added a new feature to the Avista Utilities website that allows you to report a power outage. Of course, you’ve always been able to call our 1-800-227-9187 customer service number to report an outage, but many people like quick web interactions and we’re serving that need.

“Several years ago, when we were planning what to offer on the web, we looked at the E Source survey results info to determine what customers want on a site,” said Systems Business Analyst Janna Leaf. “Customers clearly indicated to E Source that they want the ability to report an outage on the web. So it's always been our intention to offer the service to our customers, and I believe this will be a great option for our customers.”

In today’s age of technology, it simply makes sense to be able to report an outage on the web.

The new feature offers the same self service options as the current telephone outage reporting system. The customer goes here and reports the outage using an address, phone number or account number. The information provided must match an Avista customer with electric service. We’ve also placed safeguards on information to ensure privacy.

You also get the opportunity to provide detailed outage information, such descriptions of what you saw or heard such as “saw arcing wire” or “heard loud bang” to better assist dispatchers.

Another feature with reporting an outage includes the option of a call back request if there is a change in resolution time or when power is restored. You can also view maps of your area to see how many outages are around you.

No power, no access right?
We all know you can’t use your desktop computer if your power is out. With today’s wireless culture, the new outage reporting function serves the needs of customers who prefer instant online communication and are wireless. The person making the outage report could also be a third party reporting on behalf of the customer.

Reporting an outage on the web is a great option for customers with internet on a mobile phone or wireless laptops. The site may not work on all mobile browsers. In that case, the 1-800-227-9187 number is the best bet.

Another good example of reporting an outage online is when a child comes home after school and there is no power, they can call a parent who can report the outage from their computer or phone.

Avista strives to keep in step with the technology that is being used by our customers. Having the option to report an outage online is another step forward in the right direction.
Posted by  System Account  on  12/10/2009
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