WSU releases Red-Tailed Hawk, recognizes Avista   

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A red-tailed hawk brought to Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine was released last week, and Avista was recognized for helping to make the raptor’s recovery successful.
The hawk, nicknamed “Burns” after the woman who found her, was extremely dehydrated and malnourished when she was brought to the Raptor Rehabilitation Center at WSU center over the summer.

After two months of nutrition and exercise in WSU’s newest raptor rehabilitation flight muse, Burns was ready to return home, which is likely nearby.

“She should have a territory here,” said Dr. Nickol Finch, who heads up the Raptor Rehabilitation Program at WSU. “She was found very close by. We were able to get her out quick enough, hopefully no other hawks will have moved in.”

Avista donated the time and materials for raptor platforms in the area, and was instrumental in renovating one of the old Carver Farm buildings into the new Raptor Rehabilitation Center on the Pullman campus. The project, completed last year, allowed the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital to continue its exceptional program in raptor research and rehabilitation.

Avista employees Paul Kimmell, Robin Bekkedahl, Tim Olson and Jenny Blaylock were on hand to watch the release. Kimmell expressed his gratitude for everyone’s generosity and noted the value of these established relationships as well as the creative approach to working with Washington State University.

“We’re thrilled to see the new rehab center’s efforts paying off,” Kimmell said.  “Partnering with this world-class center to help further efforts in raptor recovery and protection shows Avista is truly committed to the wellbeing of these majestic birds.”
Posted by  System Account  on  11/3/2009
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