Avista wins 2009 Catalyst for Clean/Green Company of the Year   


Avista has won the 2009 Catalyst Award for Clean/Green Company of the Year. Greater Spokane Incorporated and TechNet announced the award Friday, Oct. 23 during the LaunchPad INW’s Oktoberfest event.

Award photo

2009 Catalyst Award for Clean/Green Company of
the Year. A single CFL bulb and natural overhead
light was used to light this photo.

The Catalyst Awards “recognize contributions by individuals, organizations and businesses that demonstrate the utilization of technology and innovation to bring economic development to the region.” This year’s awards also included categories for individuals and businesses using clean or green technologies to make a difference.

Another notable award went to the Institute of Systems Medicine for Organization of the Year, a non-profit organization advancing biomedical infrastructure and research.

Other category winners were:

• Company of the year: Absolute Aviation
• Clean-green organization: City of Spokane
• Mentor of the year: Steve Salvatori, founder of the Spokane Entrepreneurial Center
• Innovators of the year: Dr. Bassem Bejjani and Lisa Shaffer, founders of Signature Genomic Laboratories

Avista strives to be a regional innovator in sustainable energy solutions, leading the way with new ideas and technologies. Renewable energy has been at the core of our operations since we completed our Monroe Street hydroelectric facility on the Spokane River in 1889. As one of the lowest emitters of carbon among the nation’s top energy producers, we remain one of the greenest utilities in the country.

Over time, Avista has taken the lead among energy suppliers in pioneering renewable and sustainable generation and building robust energy efficiency programs to create energy value for our customers. Through the development of companies like Itron (smart meters), ReliOn (fuel cells) and Advantage IQ (bill management for sustainability), we’ve created more than 600 additional “green” jobs benefitting our local economy.

Advantage IQ won a previous Catalyst award in 2006, and Avista won in 1999.
Posted by  System Account  on  10/27/2009
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