Hey, we’re talking to you. Energy efficiency isn’t just a catchy phrase.    


You never know when some message or note will click with you, forcing you to realize that all those energy efficiency hints actually apply to you. I had my own revelation last week when I saw just how nasty my furnace filter was and how much money it was costing me by making it harder for my furnace to heat the house.

Given, my own issues, I’ve got to give some props to Real Estate Agent Brandon Marchand at www.spokanehomeguy.com/blog. After reviewing some info provided by Avista, he wrote on his blog, “I did the math – my home office costs me about $150.00 per year in unseen energy costs . . .”   Check out the blog post here.
You never know what's going to click with you. Every little bit adds up to real costs. Find out what a typical office, or home office might be costing you here.
Posted by  System Account  on  10/13/2009
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