Cold weather ahead - some tips to get ready   

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There’s no better way to celebrate October as Energy Awareness Month than to prepare your home for the cold weather ahead with Avista’s easy low and no cost tips. A few simple changes around the house can make a difference in the amount of energy you use this fall and winter.

-Replace your furnace filter once a month. Dirty filters block air flow and make your system work harder. Consider having your furnace “tuned up” by a professional. A cleaned, lubricated and adjusted furnace runs most efficiently and uses less energy.

-Set your thermostat to the lowest possible setting, recommended temperatures are 62 - 65 degrees at night or when you are away, and 68 - 70 degrees during the day when you’re home. Put an extra blanket on the bed and wear an extra layer of clothing instead of turning up the thermostat. A programmable thermostat will help regulate the temperature so you don’t have to remember. Do not set back your programmable thermostat during the heating season if you have a heat pump. If you do, it may bring on more costly resistive electric heat when changing from night or unoccupied settings to occupied settings.

-Use weather stripping around doors, windows and foundation to seal gaps where heat could escape. Consider installing door sweeps to keep warm air from leaking under doors.

-Insulate the floor of your attic.  Use at least 12 inches of fiberglass insulation and consider adding insulation in unfinished basement walls and crawlspaces too.

-Set your water heater to the “normal” setting or 120-degrees Fahrenheit. Your hot water heater won’t have to work as hard and won’t cost you as much to operate. Also consider insulating the hot water pipe coming out of your water heater for extra energy savings.

-Open window coverings, especially on south facing windows, during the day to let the sun warm your rooms. Close window coverings at night and in rooms that don’t get sunlight.

Every little bit counts when it comes to energy efficiency. More energy savings tips and information on Avista’s energy efficiency rebates and incentives for residential, commercial and industrial customers are available at, where you’ll also find information on federal energy tax credits.
Posted by  System Account  on  10/9/2009
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