Planned outages near Lake Roosevelt to improve reliability   

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As much as we dislike having planned power outages, with the number of infrastructure improvement projects we’re working on for customers, some planned outages are necessary. They create a safe working environment for our crews. One such project will impact around 2,700 customers in the Lake Roosevelt area in Stevens and Ferry counties in about a week.

The outage will occur on consecutive Thursdays: Sept. 17, Sept. 24, Oct. 1 and Oct. 8 – and will last from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m.

As we said last week in regards to a planned outage in Coeur d’Alene, it’s time to check the batteries in your alarm clock or figure out how to set the alarm on your cell phone (my favorite choice). If your boss reads this blog, you’ll have no excuse for showing up late to work on Friday morning. And trust me, you can’t know if they read us or not!

Our Colville Operations Manager Marshall Law said in a news release today, “This upgrade will ensure that we’re able to reliably meet the energy needs of our customers in this area for years to come.”

So what does improved reliability mean? In this case new, taller steel poles are replacing existing wood poles along Addy-Gifford Road. So we’re moving the exiting power lines to the new structures. With the added height of the lines, inclement weather and trees are less likely to cause outages. The new structures also mean the lines can carry additional power to meet the growing needs of our customers in Stevens and Ferry counties.

You may receive a flier from us about this outage, see a notice in the paper or even get a phone call. Click here for a map of the outage area.

Areas that will be impacted by the planned outages are:
• Stevens County – Cedonia, Daisy, Fruitland, Gifford, Hunters, Rice, Two River and West End. Also, the Summit Valley area west of the Addy Gifford Road and Swiss Valley Road intersection, including Addy Gifford Road, Addy Cedonia Road, Summit Valley Roads, Swiss Valley Road, Clark Lake Road, Egland Road, Gilson Road, Forsland Road, Grimm Road, Burgess Road, and other side roads in the Summit Valley area.

• Ferry County – Inchelium area from Nine Mile Creek north
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