Float trip on Clark Fork meets Avista at Noxon   


If you’re a fan of the environment, blogs, fish and renewable energy (yes, I had to sneak that in there), you may have already been following The Clark Fork 320 Blog this past month or so. The blog is documenting an incredible 320-mile float down the Clark Fork River. They ran into some Avista folks around the Noxon Reservoir, so I thought it worth a call-out on our blog.

Clark Fork Coalition board member Daniel Kiely and friends have been blogging from the river since June. It started in Butte, Montana and ended at Lake Pend Oreille on July 21.

In Kiely’s words pre-float, “I’ll be using this float as an opportunity to promote all of the restoration work underway across the basin and to call attention to lingering threats to watershed health in the Clark Fork and its tributaries.”

He’s met a lot of interesting folks along the way and I’ve certainly enjoyed reading the blog.

Here’s what Kiely had to say when he met up with Avista Land Use Specialist Brian Burky in late July: “I portaged Noxon Reservoir today with the help of Brian Burky at AVISTA. He was very helpful and even gave me and Josh four gallons of gas. The reservoir is formed by one of three major dams on the lower Clark Fork. The dams do block fish migration in the lower Clark Fork, to say nothing of float trips. The Noxon and Cabinet Gorge dams are owned by Avista Corporation and their hydroelectricity represents a major part of the electricity for Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, Pullman and other parts of north Idaho. Avista was involved in a major settlement agreement negotiated with citizen and environmental groups in 2001, which focused on mitigation for the effects of their dams on bull trout and other native fish. Avista now has fisheries biologists trying to help bull trout recovery by doing research and financing restoration projects totalling $2 million annually in the lower Clark Fork.”

We did a video with Brian Burky last year about ADA accessible recreation opportunities on the Clark Fork that Avista has help establish. Check it out here.

Kudos to the The Clark Fork 320 Blog and this awesome float-trip.
Posted by  System Account  on  7/31/2009
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