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If you’ve found this blog – you might be thinking, why is a stodgy old utility hosting a blog? First, that question is very relevant. Secondly, we’re not stodgy. Old, sure, but not stodgy. Since Avista was founded 120 years ago, we’re not really a spring chicken, but that doesn’t mean we’re not with it.

Take for example that the company wants me to promote our blog and talk to all of you on twitter. Twitter is a free service that has taken the Internet and mobile phones by storm over the last year or so. It allows users to follow selected “tweeters” or users and post 140-character messages about just about anything. If you’re not using twitter, you’re not alone and I bet you think it’s weird. Fair enough and I’m not here to convert you.

But if you are using the service, please sign up to follow @Dan_at_Avista. I tweet about our blog posts, interesting happenings at the company and the energy industry. And you might find a little personal info too. I might be a company spokesperson, but the weekends are mine! (Most of the time).

With endless sources of information on the web, it’s tough to know who to trust and what their motivations are. Here’s my motivation – I’ve been with Avista for more than two years. In that short time the world of energy has changed. From smart grid, energy efficiency, renewable energy, cap and trade, natural gas markets and everything in between, it’s hard to keep track. Avista has also been noticeably absent from online engagement, until now. I believe in what we do here – but I also believe that the transparency of actions is key to trust. We want to be your trusted resource.

So, this blog and our efforts on twitter and in discussion forums like The Spokesman-Review’s Huckleberries is one of our ways of continuing a conversation with you. I know you’re out there and you have questions and concerns. Let’s talk about them.

So, to recap: Avista is old, but that’s OK. Sign up to follow me on twitter. Finally, let us be your trusted resource on this blog, and elsewhere and contact me if you have questions. That's why I'm here.


Post By Dan Kolbet
Posted by  System Account  on  7/17/2009
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