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Discussion Guidelines

Discussion Guidelines

We encourage customer comments on any posts in the Avista blog, but this is a “family friendly” conversation, so we have a few commenting ground rules to keep us all in line.


  • Treat others as you’d like to be treated
  • Comments should be focused on the topic at hand
  • Do not include any account specifics (i.e. address or acct. #)
  • Profanity, hate speech or personal attacks are not allowed
  • Do not include excessive links
  • Do not overtly promote a business or product
  • No spam

 In order to post a comment, you must have a My Account, associated with an Avista Utilities account. Create a My Account


Our Commitment to You

This blog is designed as a conversation between responsible parties, but in order to ensure decorum, we will moderate/approve comments before releasing them on the site. As long as you stick to the ground rules listed above, your comments will appear, usually during regular business hours. If they don’t appear for any reason, we’ll contact you through e-mail and let you know why. Our goal is not to stifle conversation or debate – but just keep it clean for everyone

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