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Power Management for Personal Computer (PC) Networks

Despite the fact that most personal computers (PCs) have the capability to shift to a low-power operating state after a specified period of inactivity, only a small fraction of those PCs actually do so. For companies that have numerous PCs, the wasted energy from computers that remain in the full-power "on" state even when they are idle can be significant. Software products that can simplify the process of implementing power management in large numbers of networked PCs are now available. Avista offers incentives for software solutions that meet the minimum criteria.

The opportunity for energy savings in PC networks can be significant provided that a solution is implemented that manages low-power states and shutdown times. Asking employees to enable their PC's power-management settings oftentimes just isn't enough. A centralized approach to power management can be far easier and can provide more sustainable energy savings.

Software solutions that have the following minimum capabilities are potentially eligible for a $5 incentive per controlled PC from Avista:

  • The ability to provide regular (at least quarterly) energy use reports that indicate the overall average controlled PC energy savings as well as average controlled PC energy savings by similar groups of PC's.
  • The ability to provide usage data prior to controls being installed (i.e. pre-monitoring of uncontrolled PC's).
  • The software must control every available level of power management offered by the customers PC hardware and monitor at the time of installation (e.g. on, off, hibernating, suspended etc.) Available levels of control may differ based on operating system.
  • User over-ride capabilities must be able to be reset by the software at a minimum of every 24 hours.
  • The software must achieve a minimum average savings of 100 annual kWh per controlled PC.
  • Network power management software must remain in operation for a minimum of three years.

Click here (PDF) for more details and to print a Power Management for PC Networks Incentive Agreement.

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