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Commercial Lighting Incentive Program

There are many benefits to changing out old, inefficient lights with more efficient lights. These benefits include enhanced lighting quality, energy savings, energy cost savings and reduced maintenance costs. In addition, we offer incentives for lighting retrofits and the installation of occupancy sensors.

Our lighting programs provide incentives for lighting upgrades.  Some common lighting upgrades that are eligible for incentives through this program include:

  • Exterior and Interior High Intensity Discharge to LED 
  • T12/T8 Fluorescent to LED & HP T8
  • Incandescent to LED
  • T5HO to T5HO TLED
  • Occupancy Sensor controls
  • T12 Sign Lighting to LED

Interior and Exterior rebate forms and program information

These programs provide incentives for approximately 70% of the energy efficient lighting upgrades our customers perform. 

Site specific incentive program

For commercial energy efficient lighting upgrades not covered on this program, rebates may be available through our site specific incentive program.

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