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Multifamily Development Incentives

If we take cost out of the equation, why wouldn’t you install natural gas? It’s clean, efficient and reliable.  It’s the preferred choice for heating and cooking and adds value to your property.  By using it directly in homes for space heating is more efficient than burning it to generate electricity.  To help bring natural gas to your multifamily projects, Avista is offering incentives to developers that pay the incremental cost – up to $3,500 per unit -  for natural gas space heat and/or natural gas water heat installations. Multifamily is defined as 5 or more units per building. Qualifying water heating applications can either be individual natural gas hot water heaters in each unit or a central natural gas hot water system. Participants must sign a contract by December 31, 2017 and complete their project within two years.

Please contact Sue Baldwin for additional information.

Take a look at the following case studies to see how this program helped local developers.

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