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Oregon Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs

Avista offers our commercial 420 and 424 rate schedule customers' incentives to help conserve natural gas. Efficiency is one of the easiest ways for a business to reduce operating expenses. Many projects not only save natural gas, but other resources as well. If you don't see what you're looking for in the rebate and incentives below, chances are, we can help you with a custom or site-specific project.

Avista is partnering with Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) to help you save energy starting January 1, 2017.

ETO is an independent non-profit organization overseen by the Oregon Public Energy Utility Commission.
Avista is required by the OPUC to share customer information with the ETO. This information will be help in strict confidence by ETO. If you don’t want ETO to contact you about available incentives, you can opt-out of communications.

If you are an existing Avista customer working on a project, the Avista incentives for 2016 remain in place and your projects will not be impacted. Please continue to work directly with Avista on incentives and rebates until 2017.  If you are planning a new commercial construction or major renovation project in 2016, contact Energy Trust’s New Buildings program as early as possible in the design and development phase and we’ll help maximize your customer’s energy-efficiency and renewable energy opportunities. With your assistance as a New Buildings program contractor, we can help reduce project costs with cash incentives for technical and design assistance, commissioning and high-efficiency equipment.

Do I now work with Energy Trust?

As part of a general rate case that closed in February 2016, the delivery of energy efficiency services for Avista’s Oregon customers will be transferred from Avista to Energy Trust of Oregon beginning in 2017. Energy Trust will begin delivering services to Avista customers on a limited basis in 2016 with service to New Buildings customers. Broader services to customers will transition in 2017.

For your convenience, below are three basic paths to start saving energy.

Standard Rebates

Custom or Site-Specific Incentive Programs

Standard commercial rebates and incentives*

To apply for the following rebates, download this form:

  Prescriptive Commercial Incentives*

*Incentives cannot exceed 50% of the measure cost.

Kitchen Equipment

To qualify, equipment must be natural gas, purchased new and be ENERGY STAR rated or found on the attached lists. To open the list, click on the equipment you are interested in.

Rebate Incentive
  Fryer $1,200/each
  Commercial Steam Cooker $1,000-$3,000/each
  Commercial Convection Oven $800/each
  Commercial Combination Oven $1,000/each
  Commercial Rack Oven $1,500-$2,500/each
  Commercial Griddle $200/each


To qualify, you must heat your water with natural gas; equipment must be purchased new and be ENERGY STAR rated or found on the attached lists. To open the list, click on the equipment you are interested in.

Rebate Incentive
  Commercial Dishwashers $500-$2,000/each


To qualify, the building being insulated must be heated by natural gas, be no larger than 5,000 square feet and have no more than three floors. Where practical, the final attic insulation value must be R30 and the floors R21. If insulating walls, the wall cavity must be filled.

Rebate Incentive
Attic Insulation $0.17-$0.45/SQft
Wall Insulation $0.75/SQft
Floor Insulation $0.63/SQft

Heating Equipment

To qualify, the new furnace must be natural gas, have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of at least 91% and be sized no larger than 135 mmbtu.

Rebate Incentive
Forced Air Furnace $200/each

Refrigeration Night Curtains

To qualify, natural gas must be your main source of heat. In addition, the refrigeration compressors must be located outside of the heated space.

Rebate Incentive
Display Case Night Curtains $21/each
Coffin Freezer Night Covers $5/each

Custom or Site-Specific Rebate Programs**

Site-Specific (custom) incentives are available for many natural gas energy efficiency projects that fall outside the parameters of our prescriptive programs listed above. Whether you're planning on a new building or upgrading an existing one, we'll gladly help identify cost-effective opportunities within your facility that take advantage of incentives and may help you operate more efficiently.

Some examples of energy saving opportunities that may be identified are heating equipment, controls, insulation, new construction built above code and other processes that may be unique to your facility.

Incentives are calculated after a study is completed for the proposed efficiency measure and project costs are determined.

**Eligibility and programs defined through Avista Utilities Oregon tariff schedule 492.

Contact Us at the Beginning Stages of your Energy Efficiency Project

Business Case Studies Business Case Studies

Business Case Studies

Avista has helped many businesses with their energy efficiency projects, including providing incentives for upgrades and equipment.

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