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Idaho Food Service Equipment Rebates

Replacing inefficient equipment in your commercial kitchen will save you money. Avista offers cash rebates to help you offset the cost of purchasing high efficiency equipment. Rebates are available for a variety of electric equipment including: fryers, steam cookers, ovens, ice makers and dishwashers.

Available Incentives

To apply for the following incentives, see:

  Idaho Commercial Food Service Rebate Agreement and Equipment Table

Commercial Convection Oven

View qualifying ovens.

Rebate Incentive
Commercial Convection Oven (Natural Gas) $700/each
Commercial Convection Oven (Electric) $225/each

Commercial Combination Oven

  View qualifying ovens.

Rebate Incentive
Commercial Combination Oven (Natural Gas) $1,000/each
Commercial Combination Oven (Electric) $1,000/each

Commercial Rack Oven

  View qualifying ovens.

Rebate Incentive
Commercial Rack Oven (Natural Gas) $235/each single oven

Commercial Dishwasher

View qualifying dishwashers.

Rebate Incentive
Commercial Dishwasher $300-$650/each

ENERGY STAR® Ice Machines

View Energy Star Ice Machines.

Rebate Incentive
ENERGY STAR® Ice Machines $40-$200/each

Commercial Fryer

Qualifying fryers must meet ENERGY STAR specifications.  Fryers that have earned the ENERGY STAR® label are up to 25% more energy-efficient than standard models. The energy efficient fryers offer shorter cook times and higher production rates through advanced burner and heat exchanger designs. 

View qualifying fryers

Rebate Incentive
Commercial Fryer (Natural Gas) $1,000/each
Commercial Fryer (Electric) $300/each

Commercial Steam Cooker

ENERGY STAR® steam cookers are up to 60% more energy efficient than standard models. Minimum cooking efficiency must meet 50% (electric) and 38% (natural gas) while also meeting maximum idle energy rates. Energy efficient steam cookers offer shorter cook times, higher production rate and reduced heat loss due to better insulation and more efficient steam delivery system. In addition to saving energy, qualified steam cookers also save water over standard steam cooker models. 

View qualifying steam cookers.

Rebate Incentive
Commercial Steam Cooker (Natural Gas) $1,300-$3,200/each
Commercial Steam Cooker (Electric) $70-$180/each

Pre-Rinse Sprayer

The new sprayer valve must have a flow of .61 to .80 gallons per minute..

Rebate Incentive
Pre-Rinse Sprayer $25/each

For additional information about food service equipment visit the ENERGY STAR® website at or visit

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