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Idaho Site-Specific (Custom) Incentives
Planning an energy efficiency project?
It's important that you contact us before starting your energy efficiency project. Get more information about incentives.

Site-specific (custom) incentives are available for many energy efficiency projects that fall outside the parameters of our other prescriptive programs.  We can help identify opportunities within your facility that may help you operate more efficiently.  Examples of energy saving opportunities that may be identified include heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment, controls or other processes that may be unique to your facility.

Avista works with qualifying customers to identify opportunities within their facilities that may help them operate more efficiently. Cash incentives are available for hard-wired improvements which result in verifiable energy savings. Incentives do not apply to behavioral modifications. The incentive is based on the first year energy savings in kilowatt-hours.

Avista offers incentives for projects with measure lives of ten years or greater based upon the simple payback of the individual project, relative to the current energy code or industry practice that is applicable to the project. Simple payback is defined as the incremental capital cost associated with the energy efficiency of the project divided by the energy savings per year. Energy savings are calculated using the current retail energy rates. Fuel-conversion incentives are available only for conversion to natural gas with an end-use efficiency of 44% or greater. The incentives shall be as follows:

Simple Payback Period

Incentive Level (cents per first year kWh saved)
(Minimum measure life of 10 years)

Under 15 years

20 cents

Over 15 years

0 cents


Simple Payback Period

Incentive Level (dollars per first year therm saved)
(Minimum measure life of 10 years)

Natural gas efficiency

Under 15 years


Over 15 years


Incentives will be capped at 70% percent of the incremental project cost for all projects with simple paybacks less than fifteen years. Incentives for efficiency measures within the following categories shall not exceed 100% of the incremental cost.

To be eligible for incentives, you need to contact Avista prior to purchasing any equipment or services. Site specific Incentives will not be paid on projects that are already under construction or that are being developed without Avista's involvement.

For more information contact your Account Executive to inquire about these incentives.

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