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Idaho Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs

Avista offers a variety of energy management tools and services for commercial and industrial customers in Idaho who receive retail electric and natural gas distribution from Avista. Efficiency is one of the easiest ways for a business to reduce operating expenses. Many projects not only save electricity, but other resources as well.

For your convenience, below are three basic paths to start saving energy.

Standard Rebates

Custom or Site-Specific Incentive Programs

Commercial rebate program updates

Learn more about program updates.

Standard commercial rebates and incentives

The 2016 rebate form is valid until January 31, 2017. Installation of measures and all required paperwork, must be submitted (postmarked) to Avista no later than January 31, 2017. New forms and information will be made available January 1, 2017.

Click on the links below to be taken to the rebate page containing program eligibility and guidelines.

Rebate Form Incentive Additional Information
  Food Service Equipment Rebates $25-$1,000/unit Rebates are available for a variety of electric equipment. Learn more.
  Interior Lighting Conversions Rebates $6-$610/unit Rebates are available for changing out old, inefficient interior lights with more efficient lighting options. Learn more.
  Exterior Lighting Conversions Rebate $60-$610/unit Rebates are available for changing out old, inefficient exterior lights with more efficient lighting options. Learn more.
  Exterior Lighting Program - Sign Lighting Retrofit of T12s to LED $17/each Rebates are available for the replacement of less efficient lighting equipment with more efficient lighting options. Learn more.
  Commercial Natural Gas HVAC Rebates $4-$10/input kBtu Rebates are available to replace natural gas furnaces, boilers or unit heaters with an energy efficient model. Learn more.
  Commercial HVAC Variable Frequency Drive Retrofit Rebates $130/each Rebates are available for the replacement of single speed motors with a variable frequency drive. Learn more.
  Commercial Insulation Rebates $0.20-$0.45/SQft insulation Rebates are available for adding insulation to make your business more energy efficient. Learn more.
Fleet Heat Program Looking to save money while keeping your fleet heated and ready to start? The TwinStat™ heater cord is the answer to your fleet readiness needs. The TwinStat™ cord combines an engine-mounted remote thermostat with an ambient temperature thermostat to maximize energy efficiency. Learn more.
Energy Smart Program for Grocers This program is designed to help grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and other customers with commercial refrigeration save money by reducing their energy use. Learn more.
Multifamily Development Rebates Incentives are available to multifamily developers who install natural gas space and water heating measures rather than electric. Learn more.
Green Motors Initiative The green motors initiative ensures quality rewinding that results in the motor maintaining its original efficiency, which is commonly called a "green rewind." Incentives are now available for green rewinds. Learn more.
AirGuardian Compressed Air You could be wasting 15 percent or more of the energy used in your compressed air system. But not when you install an AirGuardian unit. AirGuardian is a compressed air leak reduction device that saves energy by reducing the impact of air leaks during off-hour periods. Learn more.

Energy Loan Program Energy Loan Program

Energy Loan Program

Businesses in Idaho may be able to receive financial assistance on projects that result in the conservation of energy and/or utilization of renewable resources. The Idaho Office of Energy Resources has these loans available.

Find out more here

Business Case Studies Business Case Studies

Business Case Studies

Avista has helped many businesses with their energy efficiency projects, including providing incentives for upgrades and equipment.

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