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Energy may fuel the economy, but when you flip on the lights or fire up the furnace, you probably don’t think about what goes on behind the switch. And that’s okay. It’s our job to build and maintain the system it takes to reliably bring natural gas or electricity to you.

But that vast infrastructure — and its upkeep — is costly. And it's an expense that is reflected in our rates. Rates also cover any energy we have to purchase above and beyond what we generate, to ensure the level of reliability you expect of us.

Rates and Tariffs
Click on a state below for information on current rate schedules, tariffs, and electric and natural gas prices. You will also see information on rate and tariff filings pending before the public utility commission in each state. 

While many components go into determining rates, the entire process is overseen by utilities commissions in Washington, Idaho and Oregon. Commission members are appointed by your elected representatives and in that way, they are accountable to you to ensure that our rates are fair and reasonable. And we work closely with the commissions to make sure they are.

We know prices are going up — they are all across the country — and we work hard to operate efficiently.

You will find information that can help you analyze your use and provide you with various energy saving tips and programs.

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