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We know that construction projects involve a great deal of coordination to complete on time and on budget. So we want to do our part by making it easier for you to get the information and help needed to install electric or natural gas service.

Avista’s Builder Services provides valuable information and online tools that allow you to create a job request to install temporary service to a construction site, run permanent service to a new home or business, or upgrade the service at an existing premise. And you can also check on the status of your job and provide timely updates to us.

Request Service

Request services for my home or business

We’re here to assist you along every step of the way in your construction project. Just complete three easy steps and we’ll get a job started.

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Request Upgrades

Request upgrades to my existing service

Making changes around the house? If you’re upgrading, altering or moving your existing electric or natural gas service or meter we can help.

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Request Services

Request services for my residential housing development

To qualify as a Development, your project must consist of six or more individual single-family home lots in an urban or suburban setting. 

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Check Job Status

Check job status 

Looking for the status of your job? You can check that here.

Check status here

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Builder Services
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