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Automated Benchmarking Service

What is automated benchmarking?

Automated Benchmarking Service (ABS) works with Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager and enables building owners to identify poorly performing buildings and provides baseline data and the means for comparing performance of similar buildings. Building owners and operators can enter building data for benchmarking building energy performance.  Once this is established and shared with Avista, the last 12 months of usage data can then be uploaded with continued monthly uploads without any extra effort by building owners through the ABS. 

Does your building qualify?

The ABS supports most building types, including colleges, K-12 school buildings, residence halls, dormitories, multifamily housing, houses of worship, courthouses, supermarkets, medical and health care facilities, hotels and motels, warehouses and more. View other qualifying operating characteristics 

How to get started

View the Energy Star's Portfolio Manager Quick Start Guide for step-by-step instructions to help you get started.

You will need to create an account on Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager website. Once this is done, the following items are needed for Automated Benchmarking:

  1. Enter basic building data for each building you wish to benchmark (Add a Property).
  2. Add meter. Enter in the 9-digit meter number, include leading zeros when necessary. Please note: meter numbers entered into Portfolio Manager must match our records. Find your Meter Number.
  3. Initiate the sharing process and select Avista Utilities from the drop down menu.
  4. Complete the Permission to Release Utility Data agreement.
  5. Share your meters with Avista providing full read/write access with Date Exchange.

After Avista receives and validates the building owner’s meter sharing request, Avista will begin to automatically upload usage data to Portfolio Manager and will continue to upload energy usage data to Portfolio Manager through the web services on a monthly basis until you terminate the service. 

All natural gas and/or electric usage uploaded to the Energy Star® website is prorated to calendar month, click here (PDF) for details.