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Senior Outreach

Options for seniors.

Living on a fixed income means the unforeseen can hit hard.

We designed our Senior Outreach programs to help seniors facing the unexpected hardship of higher energy bills. These programs are intended to reach customers who are having difficulty making their monthly budget stretch to cover their bills. Many times, seniors may be reluctant to ask for assistance, and they may be making choices to pay bills rather than buy food or medicine. We want you to know there may be other options.

Billing & Payment Options

We have billing and payment options to help you best manage your household income.

  • Comfort Level Billing can help smooth out the seasonal highs and lows of your energy bill by dividing your yearly usage into 12 equal monthly payments. To qualify, your account must be in good standing with at least 12 months of usage history. To find out more, click here.
  • Payment Arrangement can help customers who find themselves in a difficult financial situation keep current with their utility bill. You may qualify for a special payment arrangement—and with an online account; you can even make them online. Don’t have an account yet? Don’t worry—signing up is easy. Click here to make an online payment arrangement or call us at (800) 227-9187.
  • Preferred Due Date can help align the billing due date with your payday. We may be able to adjust your payment due date, depending on your account status and specific situation. Please call us at (800) 227-9187 to find out more.

Senior Energy Conservation & Efficiency Education

Educational workshops to learn how to conserve and use energy most efficiently are held throughout our Washington and Idaho service territories at senior nutrition meal sites, senior centers and non-profit organizations. Each attendee receives an energy conservation kit that includes home weatherizing supplies and energy savings ideas to use in their home. The free workshops focus on how to stay comfortable and safe while managing energy use.

Energy conservation workshops are held at various community venues, September through March each year. If you would like to schedule an event for your group, please contact Avista Outreach at (509) 495-8729 or (509) 495-8024, or send an email.

Project Share for Emergency Assistance

An unforeseen event or illness can throw your household budget out of order before you know it. Project Share is here to help you pay your home's energy bill in emergency situations. Project Share is a customer, community and company-funded program that provides emergency energy assistance to families in our region.

One hundred percent of every dollar donated is forwarded to Community Action Agencies for distribution to those who qualify.

CARES for Medical or Family Crisis Situations

Our specially trained customer service representatives are here to assist if you are struggling with a chronic medical or traumatic situation and need assistance staying current on your Avista bill. Please call Avista CARES at (888) 700-2757.

Online Tools to Help You with Your Home Energy Management

  • Analyze Your Bill using our customized Bill Analyzer tool. You can identify the major causes of changes in your energy usage, and show how your bill was impacted by items such as weather, billing days, use per day, etc. You can even see how your selected bill compares with a previous bill and receive suggestions as to why your bill may have increased or decreased.
  • Online Energy Advisor performs a free energy analysis and helps you get the most out of your energy dollars. The analysis will show how your home compares to others of similar size for energy use, offer you tips on how to improve your home's energy efficiency and outline the top ways you can save energy—customized to your home.
  • Estimated Monthly Average. Are you interested in getting a general idea of what your bills may run? Answer a few simple questions and we'll help you estimate your energy costs.

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