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Powering Our Future

An ongoing discussion with customers about energy

How do we meet your energy needs reliably and responsibly, while integrating renewable power?

We all use energy every day, and we expect it to be at our fingertips when we flip a switch or set aLink to Powering Our Future video thermostat. But what does it take to ensure that reliable energy is available when we want it, whether it’s today or in 20 years?

Avista energy planning experts along with regional planning and regulatory leaders shared insights about meeting customer energy needs at Avista’s most recent Powering Our Future event held on November 17 at CenterPlace in the Spokane Valley.

Customers participated in a mock planning exercise that put them in the shoes of a power supply planner for a northwest utility. Participants worked in small groups to build upon an existing portfolio of resources in order to meet energy needs of customers over the next 20 years. They were able to choose from a mix of resources such as solar, wind, coal, nuclear power, natural gas, conservation, biomass and hydroelectric power.

The hands-on experience in energy resource planning gave our guests an opportunity to gain real-time feedback about how their decisions could impact customers’ bills, renewable energy mandates and Avista’s ability to meet customers’ demand for reliable energy supply.

Previous Powering Our Future Events

“Energy for a Smart Future” events in Pullman and Spokane in early June 2011 focused on Avista’s work to increase efficiency and reliability in the energy delivery system through our Smart Grid projects.

National smart grid expert Jesse Berst framed the discussion and Avista smart grid experts spoke about Avista’s projects in Spokane and Pullman, which are aimed at increasing reliability for customers and piloting smart grid technologies.

You can view photos and a presentation (PDF) from the event.

These events were built on the success of the first Powering Our Future event held in October 2010 called “Energy Opportunities, Choices & Costs” which gathered more than 250 community members.

Materials from that event can be viewed here.

Speakers Available

If you’re a member of a civic or community group, neighborhood council or association and would like Avista to come speak about resource planning, smart grid or other energy topics, please send an email with your request to

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