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Post Falls Powerhouse Redevelopment

Beginning spring 2014, Avista will upgrade the 106-year-old South Channel Dam, one of three dams that make up the Post Falls Hydroelectric Development. The project includes:

·         replacing the original concrete on the structure that helps control water levels of  Lake Coeur d’Alene and parts of the three rivers

·         installing new electronic gates and hoists

·         installing new electrical and controls to automate the opening and closing of the spillway gates, increasing efficiencies and reducing cost

This work will increase reliability and preserve the life of this important generation resource.


Nine Mile Redevelopment

We are in the midst of a multi-year project to rehabilitate the Nine Mile Powerhouse, also 106-years-old. The project will replace original generators, turbines and other equipment that will increase the generation  of clean, renewable, low-cost power. 


Natural Gas Pipe Replacement

Avista continues a major project to systematically replace portions of natural gas distribution pipe. The project is replacing hundreds of miles of natural gas pipeline that was installed prior to 1987.


Customer Information System and Enterprise Asset Management System

Avista’s customer information system is the foundation of our day-to-day customer operations. For 20 years, the system has been meeting the needs of our customers and the company, but like pipe, wires and equipment, it needs to be replaced. The system touches all of our customers and supports traditional utility business functions, such as meter reading, customer billing, payment processing, credit, customer service orders and material management.


What's Driving the Cost of Energy What's driving the cost of energy

What's Driving the Cost of Energy

When you need energy, you expect it to be there. That’s reliability. And, making sure it’s there is our job. Doing that requires managing and upgrading the equipment we have now and preparing for your energy needs tomorrow.

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