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Do you know what's really going on in your home? Now is a great time to find out by trying our energy advisor tool.

Our Online Energy Advisor can perform a free energy analysis and help you get the most out of your energy dollars. The analysis will show a comparison to others of similar size for energy use, offer you tips on how to improve your energy efficiency, outline the top ways you can save energy — customized to you — and more. You can even pledge to save energy in one of four different categories and customize your options.

How to sign up:

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  • Once you’re in, you can check out the energy advisor and start participating.
  • You can also make use of these other great tools and resources.

Bill Analyzer Start Saving with Avista Rebates and Incentives

Analyze your bill

Our Bill Analyzer is designed to identify the major causes of changes in energy usage. The analysis will show how your bill was impacted by items such as Weather, Billing Days, Average Cost, Use per Day, etc. - and how your selected bill compares with a previous bill.

No Cost Energy Saving Tips Improve Your Home

Improve your home

Our Energy Use Calculator will tell you just how much energy your appliances use. You may end up surprised at the amount the old refrigerator in the garage consumes.

Energy Smart Library Start Saving with Avista Rebates and Incentives

Build your knowledge

Our Energy Smart Library, an online source for information about energy topics and technologies, is just the place to learn more about the energy used in your home. The library lets you search through information or find answers to commonly asked questions.

Commercial/Industrial Customers

We also have an Energy Saving Advice designed specially for our Business customers. To access them, simply click here.

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