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Resources and Transmission Services

Avista owns or manages generation and other energy products throughout the western United States.Fuel-Source-Mix

Here you will find information about our energy resources and transmission services.

The Avista fuel source mix allows us to meet energy demand reliably and at the lowest rate possible.

In 2012, we generated or purchased a diversified mix of resources to provide you with energy you can count on.

Participating customers purchased the environmental offsets associated with 72,534,900 megawatt-hours of new renewable energy like wind power and solar through Avista’s Buck-A-Block program.

Participating customers paid for and received the benefit of the emission-free energy, so it isn’t reported in Avista’s resource mix.

* Avista doesn’t own or operate landfill gas or nuclear generation facilities.

Source of data: As reported by Avista Utilities to, and published by, the Washington State Department of Commerce, Energy Office, for the 2012 calendar year.

Avista Smart Grid Projects
See how smart grid technology can enhance the safety, reliability and efficiency of energy delivery on a regional and national level.

Learn about Avista's eight hydroelectric developments on the Clark Fork and Spokane rivers and more about our hydro resources.

Kettle Falls Biomass
Avista’s Kettle Falls Generating Station, a biomass fuel generating plant in Kettle Falls, Wash., began operating in October 1983. The plant burns wood waste to produce steam, which runs a turbine to produce electricity.

Integrated Resource Plans (IRP)
A comprehensive, long-range planning tool that fully integrates forecasted energy requirements with potential energy resources.

Palouse Transmission Line Project
Information (including maps) on Avista's project for new transmission lines between Avista’s existing Shawnee and Benewah substations.

Price Reporting Code (PDF: 16 KB / 3 pages)
Link to Avista Utilities' "Code of Conduct for Voluntarily Submitting Electricity Transaction Data to Publications".

Wholesale Merchant Ancillary Services
Avista Corp makes ancillary services available through its merchant function.

Transmission Services
Go here for access to the OASIS website (including the FERC Standards of Conduct Organizational Charts) and to get information on Avista's transmission system.

Weather and Water Flow Information
Information regarding water levels and flows in the Spokane and Coeur D'Alene areas.

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