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Avista 101 Series
Watch the Avista 101 Series and learn how things work.

  • Avista 101: Electricity
    Where does electricity come from? And how does it get to my home? This short animation explains some of the basics of electricity generation and distribution.
  • Avista 101: Environmental Stewardship
    How does Avista approach environmental stewardship? Learn about our long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship and conservation of our natural resources.
  • Avista 101: Supply and Demand
    What's the only product that's created as it's consumed? Learn about the growing demand for reliable energy - and how we meet that need.
  • Avista 101: Service Territory
    Where does Avista operate? This short animation shows our large network of generation and distribution facilities across the northwest.
  • Avista 101: Grid Modernization 1
    How is Avista investing in our energy future? Learn how we've been preparing to implement the next generation of energy delivery.
  • Avista 101: Grid Modernization 2
    What exactly is grid modernization? This animation helps depict the benefits of automating our entire electric power system, from generation to distribution to consumption.

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