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A Perspective of the Electricity Future

A Perspective of the Electricity Future (PDF)
Presented by: David K. Owens, Executive Vice President, Edison Electric Institute
The changing energy landscape will affect decisions made today and tomorrow.  Mr. Owens explores many national energy policy questions including how gas production, smart grid and transformational technology will impact the future of the energy industry.

Audience Polling Questions

Q. How many states have mandatory renewable portfolio standards to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
a. 10 states
b. 20 states
c. 30 states
d. 40 states
e. 50 states

Answer: c. 30

Q. How many smart meters have utilities installed across the United States?
a. 2 million
b. 10 million
c. 16 million
d. What’s a smart meter?

Answer: c. 16 million

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