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Engaged customers and transparent communications boost ranking

Post by Dan Kolbet
Earlier this month E Source, an energy research company, announced its peer-based ranking of the top utilities using social media and for the second year in a row, Avista Utilities earned the top spot. It’s quite an honor to be recognized nationally for our social media work and commitment to authentic, transparent communications with you, our customers.

But the rankings mean nothing if our customers aren’t on board and thankfully over the past three years you have told us you like what we’re offering through social media.

We know you don’t think about energy 24/7 and that’s why we are constantly seeking out new ways to get the word out about projects we are working on or changes in our business that affect the energy we provide and you use.

What we do – We listen to our customers. We engage. We spark conversation.
We post on the Avista Blog at least a dozen times every month. These posts, photos and videos allow us to tell the story behind what we do as a company to deliver energy to you. For example, if we file a rate request, we give you the reasons why and tell you how it may impact you in conversational and easy to understand language. If we’re working in your neighborhood, you might see photos of the crew along with details on what they were up to. We want you to see what we’re doing – that’s transparency.

We’re also talking with customers on Twitter as a company (@Avistautilities) and online spokespersons (@AvistaDan, @AvistaBrandi, @AvistaJessie . Twitter allows us to participate in real-time conversations happening all over our service territory - from Ashland, Oregon to Sandpoint, Idaho. It’s a great tool for getting information right now about what Avista is working on.

Everyday additional customers are discovering the Avista Utilities Facebook page too. The page is a springboard for discussion about blog content, photos and what’s happening in the communities we serve. On the energy efficiency side, our Every Little Bit Facebook page is popular among customers interested in energy saving tips and programs. No matter your desire, we’ve got you covered on Facebook. 

You can find videos about Avista on YouTube, while photos can be found at flickr and PhotoBucket. We pop-up in less likely places too, such as blog and website comments and online chats through media outlets.

Thank you for following our social media work – it’s all about transparency and you, our customers. Did we miss something? What would you like us to feature on our social sites next? Let us know here: Conversation@avistautilities.com
Posted by  System Account  on  7/18/2012
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