North Idaho copper thief cheats death   

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Kite video
Avista linemen show what can happen when something, like a
kite (above video) or pole (below photo) touches a live wire.
You don’t want that to be you.
Electrical arc
Thief escapes potential electrocution; live wires are no joke
Someone is walking around today not knowing that he or she just received the biggest Christmas present ever - life. Without realizing it, that individual was less than a millimeter away from being electrocuted last Thursday while trying to steal copper wire from energized electrical equipment in the Post Falls area. It was the third copper theft involving electrical equipment in the Rathdrum, Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls area in the past few weeks.

A perpetrator isn’t the only person at risk with copper wire theft. Tampering with electric equipment can result in electrocution of utility workers and customers. It also costs Avista customers since replacing the stolen equipment raises the cost of maintaining our system. And, copper theft can cause power outages that disrupt businesses, schools, essential services and life in general.

We need your help to prevent this type of crime and help prevent a serious injury to someone, even death. Call Avista at (800) 227-9187 or law enforcement if you see:
• people cutting or removing wires or equipment from power facilities
• missing sections of power lines
• loose wires hanging from poles or lying on the ground
• holes in fences or cut locks at electric facilities
• people with bundles of wire

If you don’t know what coming into contact with, or touching an energized power line looks like, check out the video clip above of a safety demonstration by two Avista linemen. Remember that you should always consider an electric wire to be energized, so stay away and call us: (800) 227-9187.

Posted by  System Account  on  12/12/2011
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