In-Home Energy Audit price reduced to as low as $49   


700 Spokane County homeowners have already benefitted from energy audit

Post by Dan Kolbet

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Today Avista announced a reduction in the costs for In-Home Energy Audits for Spokane County homeowners. The energy audits, which provide specific recommendations to help homeowners make informed decisions about actions they can take to help save energy, are now available for as low as $49.

I was lucky enough to be at one of the first energy audits we conducted as part of this program. You’d be surprised about the stuff the auditors find about your home and energy usage – some stuff you might not expect.

To date, nearly 700 homeowners have participated in the program. The majority of these homeowners have taken action, based on the energy audit recommendations, to make their homes more energy efficient and thus use less energy.

The cost range for the audits, $49 to $325, depends on which funding sources the homeowners are eligible to receive. Non-Avista customers can sign up for audits and are eligible for funding through their respective city or county, but are not eligible for Avista energy efficiency funds. 

Residents living anywhere within the boundaries of Spokane County can visit to watch a video about the audits, learn how much funding they qualify for and how to start the audit process.

So, why just Spokane County?
Fair question. Typically a pilot program is started on a small scale and, if successful, expanded into larger areas. Spokane County was chosen based on its size, population density and availability of trained home auditors. In addition three local Spokane based governments made federal/state stimulus funds available through their Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants. If successful the program may be expanded throughout the Avista service area.
Posted by  System Account  on  9/19/2011
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