Top 10 reasons people DON'T call 811 two days before they dig   


A little humor about an extremely serious safety topic
Post by Dan Kolbet
Today is 8/11 – the perfect day for all of us to remember to call 811 two days before we dig to locate underground utilities. In honor of the occasion and your safety, I’ve come up with the Top Ten reason’s people don’t call 811.

10. My phone’s “8” key fell off.

9.  Those spray painted lines on my grass really clash with my house paint.

8. I want to get on the news for causing a power outage or gas leak in my neighborhood.

7. I think I know where the lines are . . .

6. My life and the safety of my family isn’t a top priority at the moment.

5. “Two working days!” But I only do stuff at the last minute!

4. I’ll just find them thar lines when I start diggin’.

3. The dog has been digging holes all over my yard for years and has never hit anything.

2. I’m not good at “numbers.”

1. I just can’t handle free stuff. If it’s free, it’s just not worth it.

Calling 811 two days before you dig isn’t only smart, it’s the law. Please keep this in mind today and carry the festive spirit of 811 day with you all year long.

Total honesty here, I stole the “Top Ten” idea from Eric Isaacson at Colorado Springs Utilities – who actually stole it from Dave Letterman anyway, so it’s all good. It’s worth noting that I stole the idea, and only a little of the content of the list!
Posted by  System Account  on  8/11/2011
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