811 sets sail with pirates. Arg!    

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I be sending you landlubbers to Davey Jones’ Locker if ye scallywags don’t call 811 two days before you dig. Arg!

Post by Dan Kolbet
If you’re like me, when I think of 811, the first thing that comes to mind is PIRATES! Alright, maybe not the first thing, but after watching this video concerning 811, call before you dig safety and kids, you might think of pirates too.

After watching the video, feel free to say, “Arg,” “Shiver me timbers,” or “I be sending you landlubbers to Davey Jones’ Locker if ye Scallywags don’t call 811 two days before you dig.”

Seriously, it’s OK to talk like a pirate, nobody will care.
811 Pirate Video

This video was created by www.call811.com and the Common Ground Alliance.
Posted by  System Account  on  8/9/2011
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