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Post by Dan Kolbet
This morning when I opened my email I got a pretty big, but welcome surprise. Utilities surveyed by E Source, an energy analysis and research firm, named Avista the top utility in social media. Read the press release here. We’re listed alongside some of the largest utilities in the country. I think this recognition really speaks to the success of engaging online with Avista customers. We’re delivering information and conversation in a way that you want. I’m really proud of that.

We’ve been at this social media thing for just over two years and we’ve got a lot to show for it. Earlier this month the Avista Blog celebrated its two year anniversary. We’re talking energy and company news on three Twitter accounts, @Avistautilities, @AvistaCares and @Dan_at_Avista. We’re also publically discussing the issues facing our company and industry through blog and media comments/discussion forums. We’ve produced videos and podcasts that speak to the most pressing concerns of our customers. We’re focused on energy efficiency on the Every Little Bit Facebook page. And we’re constantly talking directly with you through our e-mail Conversation@avistautilities.com

I know a lot of the folks who are running online/social media programs at the utilities recognized on the E Source list below and respect what they are doing with their customers. But I’m not afraid to say that I wouldn’t trade our Avista customers for any of theirs. You all are the reason we started using social media. We’re just following your lead.

Thanks for the last few years and I hope we can continue to deliver social media content that you want. Got ideas, comments? What can we do better or are missing? E-mail us or comment below.

Here’s the news release from E Source.

Top Utilities Using Social Media

-E Source Asked Utilities to Rate Their Peers

BOULDER, CO, June 21, 2011—According to the utilities that participated in the 2011 E Source Utility Social Media Survey, Avista is the top utility when it comes to using social media. To find out how utilities are using social media, E Source conducted its second national social media survey in early 2011. The electric, gas, water, and combination utilities that participated in the survey were asked which utilities they considered to be social media leaders. The top-ranked utilities are:

Investor-Owned Utilities
Avista, Duke, Pepco, Pacific Gas and Electric, American Electric Power Southern Company, Idaho Power, Dominion

Public Utilities
SRP, Memphis Light (Gas and Water Division), Public Service of New Hampshire, Nashville Electric Service, Austin Energy

The survey included questions about social media business drivers, tools, staffing, and governance.

“Hundreds of utilities are now using social media in their communication, marketing, web, and, in some cases, customer service strategies,” says Matthew Burks, senior manager of E Source Mass-Market Services. “The most successful utilities see the long-term implications of this channel and are investing the time, staff, and infrastructure to integrate it into their daily operations.”
Posted by  System Account  on  6/21/2011
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