Why parent/teacher conferences are like shoveling a path to your utility meter   

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Shovel that path!
1st grade artwork
Post by Dan Kolbet

This morning was a big day around my house. For one, it was the first big snowfall of the year so all I had to do to wake up my daughters is yell “SNOW!” from the hallway and they just came running. The second reason it was significant is that I attended my first grader’s parent/teacher conference with my wife.

Now, I don’t care what anyone tells you – parent/teacher conferences are as much about evaluating your parenting skills as it is about how well your kid is really doing in the classroom. No worries – my daughter is doing great (little sigh of relief!)

Her teacher said something that really stuck with me. The skills she’s learning today builds a foundation for future learning. If she doesn’t get it the first time around – it will be a lot harder to catch up later.

It occurred to me as a walked through 3 inches of snow in the school parking lot that what my daughter’s teacher said would be true of shoveling a path to your utility meter too. If you don’t shovel it when it first snows – it’s going to be really hard to catch up the next time it snows . . . and again and again. Ice could build up or snow could become compact and stay there all winter long.

So, with the really cold weather hitting Eastern Washington and North Idaho today, this snow we’ve got isn’t going to go anywhere soon. Clear a path to your meter today, so it’ll be easier tomorrow. 

Why do we clear a path?
Safety is the number one reason. In case of an emergency, Avista or fire/rescue personnel can reach your meter to turn off gas flow, etc. Also if it’s buried in snow, you’re more likely to whack it with your shovel or snow blower  (or car) when the snow really piles up this winter. It’s also a safety concern for our Avista meter readers who need to get close to your meter to read it. While they can and do read some meters from a distance, it’s a heck of a lot easier to do it when there isn’t a North Pole-sized mountain in front of it.

So, grab a shovel and clear that path today.
Posted by  System Account  on  11/22/2010
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