What are you going to be for Halloween? An Energy Vampire?   

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Energy Vampires! Spooky!
I have energy vampires living at my house. How about you?
Spooky stuff!
Post by Dan Kolbet

I finally got up the Halloween decorations this weekend. Usually we take out the pumpkins, cob webs and other scary stuff about a month before the big day, but this year it just wasn’t a top priority for me. Nonetheless, I got it done last weekend.

My daughter, who is in the first grade helped me hang up the, albeit modest, decorations.. As you might expect, the discussion quickly turned to what she is going to be for Halloween. This conversation actually started months ago. I faintly remember her wanting to be a “Witch-Fairy-Kitty,” whatever the heck that is. We even bought her some of the pieces for a “Witch-Fairy-Kitty” costume, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how that’s all going to work.

If for no other reason than to simplify her costume creation – I convinced her to be a vampire! But not just any vampire – an energy vampire! I know it sounds dorky, but she’s in the first grade, everything is kind of dorky.

An energy vampire is something the sucks power/electricity when it’s actually turned off. For example, a large stereo, cable box, DVR – or even your coffee pot could be an energy vampire.

We’re still working on the costume, but I imagine it’ll involve fangs, face paint, a black cape and a power cord. The picture at the top is just the beginning. I’ll post a picture when the costume is finished.

We answered a customer question about vampire power, also known as parasitic power/load for Energy on the Street recently. Check out my co-worker Tom Lienhard’s answer.

Vampire power Energy on the Street Video
Posted by  System Account  on  10/20/2010
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