Knowledge is power – October is Energy Awareness Month   

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Power Down, Add Up
"Power Down, Add Up" is a month-long energy efficiency
competition between Gonzaga and Washington State University.

October is Energy Awareness Month, and Avista kicked it off by reaching out to some of its newest customers – college students.

Late last week on the steps of Gonzaga University’s Crosby Student Center, Avista hosted a kickoff event to promote a month-long energy savings contest between Gonzaga and Washington State University for its on-campus residents and Greek housing students.

Students were treated to a “powered down” performance from Gonzaga-based band, “The Danger Bears,” as well as an energy trivia showdown between Avista’s Energy Watchdog, Wattson and Gonzaga University’s mascot, Spike the Bulldog.

Avista’s Energy Solutions Engineer Tom Lienhard toured a dorm room with students and pointed out simple ways to save energy.

What’s the deal with Power Down, Add Up?
The contest, “Power Down, Add Up,” will promote energy efficiency by encouraging students to take simple steps like turning off electronics and unplugging chargers when not in use, turning off lights when leaving a room, and not letting the hot water run unused.

“We are excited to have local university students involved in energy saving activities for Energy Awareness Month,” said Chris Drake energy solutions program manager. “Saving energy can be very simple and every little bit adds up. While students may not be thinking about their energy bill yet, we hope they can build good habits that will help them save energy in the long run.”

College students can visit
 to learn about energy efficiency, check out a cool video and
find the powermongers that live among them.
Students will enter their activities in their online energy diaries at during October. Winners will be determined based on the most energy saved.

Students who rent can conserve too
Students living off-campus and who receive their own energy bill can learn about saving energy through the web where they can request energy awareness kits and through the Every Little Bit Facebook page become a fan of energy efficiency.

As emerging customers, college students play an important role in shaping our energy future. Their commitment to energy efficiency can create lifelong practices that decrease the demand for resources and increase efforts towards a sustainable future.

Extra Info
Read Gonzaga Bulletin reporter Stephen Paur’s article, “'Power Down, Add Up’ aims to reduce energy usage.”
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