The countdown to Energy on the Street    

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Energy on the Street interview
Energy on the Street interview
Energy on the Street interview
Customers talk with Communications Manager Dan
Kolbet during Energy on the Street interviews.
Post by Dan Kolbet

I want to give a quick update on Energy on the Street. We’ve filmed answers for nearly all of the questions we’re placing on our website. Schedules have been a bit of a bear with summer vacations ending and I suspect we’ll get some more filming done within the next two weeks.

We had to create new pieces of the Avista Utilities website and I’ve received great support for the project from the guys building the pages. There’s nothing quite like starting from scratch, “Hey, I’ve got these videos I’d like to share with the world . . .”

If you haven’t heard yet, Energy on the Street is a project I’m working on that is all about your questions. The goal is to get Avista customers answers to their questions about energy and anything related to Avista. I attended several community events with a camera crew and captured customer questions. I took those questions back to Avista and asked my co-workers – experts on the subjects – to answer them on camera.

It’s been a great experience for me to meet so many different customers who I otherwise would probably never have talked to. The people I met were very nice, insightful individuals who had unique concerns and questions about the future of energy in our country and what their local utility is doing about it.

We’ll release the site to all of you in early September with six videos. I’ll post new videos every few weeks through the fall. My hope is that when people visit the site, they will come up with more questions that they want answers too and e-mail me at I’ll get those answers too. In fact, you can even shoot your question and we’ll use your actual video. Send me an e-mail and let’s get started. 

It sounds like we’re probably going to do some radio spots to promote the site and get customers (who aren’t regularly reading the Avista Blog) to know it’s out there. I haven’t done radio before so this will be a bit of a challenge, but I think I’ve been pretty open about my feelings about this project and I’ll do my best to share that during the radio spots. So if you hear some guy on the radio, calling himself “Dan at Avista,” yep, that’s me.

The countdown has started. I can’t wait to release the Energy on the Street site for you in early September.
Posted by  System Account  on  8/27/2010
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