Nine Mile Dam improvements meeting tonight at Lakeside HS   

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The reservoir behind the Nine Mile Dam.
The reservoir behind Avista's Nine Mile Dam.

Spillway, other projects to begin summer 2010

Nine Mile Dam flashboard removal.
In March we removed 'flashboards' from
the Nine Mile Dam. See how it was done.
Avista will hold an information meeting at Lakeside High School tonight, June 15 at 6:30 p.m., to update interested residents, property owners and customers on projects that will take place beginning this summer at the Nine Mile Dam and reservoir.

The major project at Nine Mile Dam is installation of a new rubber spillway that will eliminate the need for the wooden flashboards. Construction on the new spillway will begin this summer, and will require an extended drawdown of the reservoir while work is in progress.

The new spillway will consist of a rubber bladder, which will raise and lower a metal plate when inflated and deflated respectively. The spillway will be much more flexible and precise when managing the reservoir elevation.
UPDATE: Read our June 17 post, "Nine Mile Dam Spillway Improvement Project starts this summer" for more details on the project.

Avista’s environmental and hydro operations staff will discuss the spillway project and future generation upgrades to the powerhouse. They will also discuss the environmental and recreation projects that are planned for the Nine Mile area.

The projects are part of Avista’s 50-year Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license to operate its five Spokane River hydroelectric facilities (Post Falls, Upper Falls, Monroe Street, Nine Mile, and Long Lake).

For more information about the meeting, call Speed Fitzhugh at (509) 495-4998.
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