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2010 Sustainability Report

Post by Jessie Wuerst
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Have you heard the word? Seems like it’s being used everywhere. Sustainability. What does it mean and why does Avista care?

As a utility company founded on renewable hydro generation, Avista has a long history of using and taking care of the natural resources in our environment. That’s part of doing business in a sustainable way – a way that doesn’t compromise the future for generations to come. That’s important to us and we think it’s important to you, as well.

As important as taking care of our environment is, there’s much more to doing business in a sustainable manner. Sustainability has three components: environment, economy and society. Our newly released 2010 Sustainability Report provides information about our company’s business practices in all three areas. And, in keeping with the spirit of sustainability, the report is web-based to conserve resources and contain costs.

Research groups, major investors and others often use sustainability reports like ours to understand how a company’s operations reflect its values and its commitment to the short and long-term use of resources. Our report is also a valuable tool for customers, community leaders and others who want to better understand Avista’s environmental, economic and social responsibility actions and impacts.

The information is a snapshot in time, largely based on results as of Dec. 31, 2009, and tells about our company’s activities from power generation to resource planning, from philanthropy to governance, from human resources to energy efficiency, and much more.

We encourage you to check out our 2010 Sustainability Report, watch the video message from CEO Scott Morris and give us your feedback. Your input will help us shape the content of future reports.
Posted by  System Account  on  5/14/2010
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