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Post by Dan Kolbet

Over the next few days, Avista will be sending out e-mails to Washington and Idaho customers (who have provided us their e-mail address through their utility account). The message, from Avista Utilities President Dennis Vermillion is pasted below in its entirety. The e-mail is a notification of our recent rates filings and directions where customers can learn more about the details of those requests.

Last year, we sent many customer conversation e-mails. They happened to coincide with three requests to lower natural gas rates throughout the year in Washington and Idaho. We received many thank you replies, but also many notes that asked us to continue sending informational e-mails when requests go the other direction. This e-mail recognizes that.

I, along with another co-worker, personally responded to anyone who replied to those e-mails – we’ll continue that practice as long as you continue to e-mail us back and find value in it.

If you don’t receive an e-mail from Avista by the end of the week, login to your MyAccount and double check that you’ve provided us your current e-mail address. You may also want to add conversation@avistautilities.com to your address book, so it doesn’t fall into your spam folder.

Below is the entire e-mail from Dennis Vermillion.

Taking a closer look at rates
You may have heard that Avista recently filed a request with the state utility commission to raise electric and natural gas rates. This request was necessary to recover the higher costs we are paying for energy as well as the increasing costs of getting that energy to your home or business.

Click to watch video
State regulators will now conduct a public review process (which could take up to seven or 11 months). As a regulated utility, it is the state utility commission who will set our prices only after this thorough review is complete. You can learn more about how the process works by clicking here for a short video.

Our commitment to you is to listen and share information on energy issues that affect us all.  We encourage you to visit our website at www.avistautilities.com where you will find more information about the current rate requests and the major investments we’re making to keep serving you well.

Since we launched our conversation web pages and blog last summer, thousands of you have visited, read posts, left comments through your MyAccount sign-in or e-mailed us at conversation@avistautilities.com. Thank you! We hope you’ll continue learning, sharing and joining this important conversation.   

Dennis Vermillion
President, Avista Utilities
Posted by  System Account  on  4/14/2010
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